We've recently renovated the interior of our hospital our to better serve you and your pets. Upgrades include two new exam rooms and an additional treatment area. We've also reconfigured the location of a current exam room to improve our work flow!

We are excited about our new-and-imprved facility and look forward to being able to provide more services and comfort to you and your pets.

Another 'Happy Tail'...

  Dog Scooter at Apple Grove Veterinary Care
  Dog Scooter lost a leg due to being shot
Scooter ran away from home one stormy night and was found six days later dragging himself out of a corn field. He couldn't use his front legs, he was covered in dirt, and his legs had open wounds filled with maggots.

"Our vet was closed for the weekend so we rushed him 40 miles away to an emergency vet clinic. The doctor at the emergency clinic was encouraging us to euthanize him due to his condition and the high costs of diagnostics and surgery. I am close friends with an Apple Grove employee and she was able to get a hold of a technician and veterinarian that were willing to come in on the weekend to examine Scooter and find out what exactly was wrong with him."

After taking radiographs, we found out that Scooter had been shot. There were bits of buckshot in both arms. His left arm had been shattered by the bullet and we had no other option but to amputate it. One of the bullets had gone through his right arm and left a large hole. The veterinarian said his wounds were not recent and that he had been like this for a few days. After being hospitalized for four days, the veterinarians still were not sure if he would be able to use his other arm due to nerve damage.

As of today, Scooter is healthy and happy. He is gaining back strength in his right arm and is using it more and more every day. Scooter likes to “scoot” if he can, but he can walk on his own and will even run for short bursts!

Golden Retriever PuppiesApple Grove Veterinary Care wants to ensure your new companions get off to a healthy start. Veterinary care during the first year of life is critically important. In an effort to make preventive medical care simpler and more affordable for our clients, we offer an amazing package deal that covers routine care and provides discounts on other lifestyle offers for your puppy.

  • All-Inclusive Puppy Care Package (call or email for details)

  • Check out our Special Veterinary OffersComplimentary Wellness Examination/Office Visit for any pet within 60 days of adoption or rescue! (Must show certification of adoption or rescue.)

  • Complimentary Puppy Pack at puppy’s first visit — Receive a goodie bag full of helpful information, coupons, and samples. Also includes one FREE dose of Heartgard Plus and Frontline Plus or Revolution, a $20 value!

  • Complimentary Kitten Pack at kitten’s first visit — Receive a goodie bag full of helpful information, coupons, and samples. Also includes one FREE dose of Frontline Plus, Vectra or Revolution, a $20 value!

Senior Cat and DogDogs and cats are now living longer thanks to advances is veterinary medicine and pro-active pet owners like yourself.

The Apple Grove Veterinary Care team would like to help detect any age-related changes early, to keep your pet’s quality of life at its best. Diagnostic testing may be done to evaluate blood and/or urine for problems that may not be visible on physical examination.